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11 Mar 2021 - 12 Mar 2021
Virtual, Austria
International Machinery Forum 2021 - The Factory of Tomorrow
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Austria´s impressive projects, products, and innovation 

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Exhibitor Package

Up to 30 Austrian companies and re­search institutes will showcase their products, services, projects, patents. The exhibitor package costs EUR 350 excl. VAT. Exhibitor packages are only provided to Austrian WKO members. If your company is interested in a Exhibitor Package, please send an e-mail to Mr. Michael BlattnerWKO AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA. 


Am Winterhafen 11, 4020 Linz, Austria   

Mr. Franziskos Kyriakopoulos
T +43 699 182 561 87
W www.7lytix.com/en

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7LYTIX wants to make the benefits of AI accessible to every company.

7LYTIX is an Austrian AI-Start-up that develops AI Software as a Service for Industry, Retail, Logistics an FinTech.
Along the entire value chain, 7LYTIX demonstrably increases the efficiency of processes and the effectiveness of decisive measures with its AI solutions.
From procurement to the entire manufacturing process to logistics, marketing, and the actual sales of the products to the end user, 7LYTIX offers state-of-the-art AI solutions. With our AI Software, companies benefit from their own data by using it the right way and turning it into an increase in profitability.

Looking for ..

7LYTIX is looking for companies that are seeking AI solutions for

- their procurement:
   o Demand Forecasting for raw material and semi-
      finished products
- their manufacturing process:
   o Predictive Maintenance Solutions
   o Failure Detection Systems with image or pattern
   o AI-optimized machine settings
- their product development:
   o Market Entry Predictions for new products/machines

to increase their workload, their economics and their output quality and at the same time reduce their raw material consumption and their power consumption.

    AM Solutions

    Hetmanekgasse 15, 1230 Wien, Austria   

    Mr. Daniel Stradal
    T +43 664 818 54 66

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    Customer value, high quality results, solutions tailored to the needs of our clients

    AM Solutions, a brand of the Rösler Group – the global market leader in the field of mass finishing and shot blasting - offers equipment, process technologies and consumables tailored for the automated 3D post processing. Whether your focus is on unpacking, removal of powder and support structures, surface homogenization and smoothing, polishing or the application of a color dye - with our broad know-how we can offer you perfect solutions from a single source. AM Solutions - Manufacturing service partner, which was recently established, offering a complete support across all process phases.

    Looking for ..

    new customers, partnerships and cooperations.

    AM Solutions is a world wide operating trademark. At our branch in Vienna 1230 we are responsible for following sales areas:

    • Austria
    • Slovenia
    • Croatia
    • Serbia
    • Bosnia
    • Albania
    • Romania
    • Bulgaria
    • Slovakia
    • Hungary

    Post processing - tailor made to ensure your success
    In AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology you have found a competent partner who can offer you partially or fully automatic post processing solutions on an industrial scale. Our products and services guarantee not only significant productivity increases and cost savings, but they also provide the stability and replicability required for industrial manufacturing processes. Our product portfolio consists of our own equipment and process technologies but also includes equipment from external partners. This enables us to offer solutions to your post processing challenges, irrespective of the printing method or the component material, from one single source.

    We provide tailor made equipment solutions for:

    • Unpacking of work pieces
    • Removal of support structures
    • Removal of loose and sintered powder from the component surface
    • Smoothing and cleaning of internal passages
    • Surface cleaning
    • Surface homogenization, surface grinding & smoothing and (high gloss) polishing
    • Surface preparation for subsequent manufacturing steps, e.g. coating and
    • Application of a color dye on plastic components produced with selective laser

    As your qualified partner we offer you:

    • Decades of experience in the field of surface preparation and surface finishing
    • Innovative, customer focused process development for additive manufacturing    operations
    • Customized processes for every work piece and every production stage
    • Consultation for the optimal AM-suitable design of individual
    • Wide equipment range for surface preparation and surface finishing
    • Consumables, which were specifically developed for treating 3D printed



    Stattegger Strasse 18, 8045 Graz, Austria   

    Mr. Hermann Obemair
    Mr. Clemens Mann
    T +43 316 6902 0
    E hermann.obermair@andritz.com
    E clemens.mann@andritz.com

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    A passion for innovative technology, absolute customer focus, reliability, and integrity are the central values to which ANDRITZ commits. The listed Group is headquartered in Graz, Austria. With over 160 years of experience, 29,000 employees, and more than 280 locations in over 40 countries worldwide, ANDRITZ is a reliable and competent partner and helps its customers to achieve their corporate and sustainability goals.

    ANDRITZ is a globally leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metal working and steel industries, and for solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial segments. Other important fields of business are animal feed and biomass pelleting, as well as automation, where ANDRITZ offers a wide range of innovative products and services in the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) sector under the brand name of Metris. In addition, the international technology Group is active in power generation (steam boiler plants, biomass power plants, recovery boilers, and gasification plants) and environmental technology (flue gas cleaning plants) and offers equipment for the production of nonwovens, dissolving pulp, and panelboard, as well as recycling plants.

    Looking for ..
    • for companies in the process industry which are currently in the transition phase towards digitalization and which want to enhance their production scheme (either existing or new plants)

      • ANDRITZ will offer solutions for enhancing customers production with the help of Metris – ANDRITZ digital solutions. The Metris portfolio covers classic Automation, advanced automation with a comprehensive digitalization portfolio as well as additional performance services.

    Bruker Alicona

    Dr. Auner-Straße 21a, 8074 Raaba, Austria   

    Mr. Roland Siegel
    T +43 316 403010700

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    Our corporate mission is to continuously improve and drive forward optical metrology throughout our products and measures.

    We are a global provider of optical, industrial measurement technology for quality assurance of complex components of different shapes, sizes and materials. Our non-contact measuring systems are used in all areas of precision manufacturing. Our core competence is the measurement of dimension, position, shape and roughness in the fields of production measurement technology and automation, prototype development as well as traditional quality assurance. Based on the technology of Focus-Variation, our measuring systems close the gap between classical dimensional metrology and surface roughness measurement.

    Looking for ..

    New contacts
    that are interested in new developments in optical 3D metrology and which possibilities they open up in all fields of micro manufacturing. Our systems are particularly interesting for production manager, quality assurance manager, prototyping, R&D manager. 

    Business Lines

    all areas of micro precision manufacturing including tooling, molding, aerospace, automotive, electronics & medical device development. Wherever surface finish control and dimensional accuracy of small and complex geometries is of importance we could be a potential supplier. 


    We offer measurement systems that are applicable in research and production. Based on state of the art technology including AI our measurement systems can be integrated in manufacturing concepts based on Industry 4.0. and Smart Manufacturing as they also enable machine to machine communication and the connection to existing QM/ERP systems. 


    Global player such as MTU Aero Engines, Sandvik, Kennametal, Honda, VW and other. Here you can see our use case studies! LINK

    Ing. Punzenberger COPA-DATA GmbH

    Karolingerstrasse 7b, 5020 Salzburg, Austria   

    Mrs. Birgit Plainer
    Mr. Reinfried Kösslbacher
    Mr. Markus Lang
    Mr. Reinhard Mayr
    T +43 662 43 10 02-0

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    To request a virtual 1:1 meeting with Reinfried Kösslacher click here
    To request a virtual 1:1 meeting with Markus Lang click here
    To request a virtual 1:1 meeting with Reinhard Mayr klick here

    Our vision
    There is always an easier way!
    Our mission
    Enabling everyone who works with industrial plants or deals with infrastructure to complete their tasks easily. With great software, that eats complexity for breakfast.

    COPA-DATA is the manufacturer of the zenon® software platform, used in the manufacturing and energy industries. Founded in 1987, the independent company employs approximately 300 workers around the globe. The distribution of software on an international scale is made possible through the company’s twelve subsidiaries, numerous distributors as well as more than 300 certified partner companies. This ensures efficient software implementation for end users in the food & beverage, energy, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries. In 2020, COPA-DATA generated turnover of EUR 54 million.

    Looking for ..

    Our credo is to make our customers' lives easier. To do this, we develop the best software for industrial automation and energy management. Our key industries are Energy & Infrastructure, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage as well as Automotive. The zenon software platform is used worldwide in various scenarios and accelerates the digital transformation. Wherever this is needed, we are happy to help with our innovative software solutions.

    In addition, we are always looking for system integrators who use our zenon software platform for their automation projects. We never act as a system integrator ourselves and respect their independence that is also enormously important to us.


    Schwefel 87a, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria   

    Mr. Martin Reichenberger
    T +43 664 88 66 45 31

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    There is an Entire World Between Automation and Digitization. The World of digifai.

    digifai is a specialist in automation technology and has developed not only machines and systems but also software to simulate them, evaluate data and reduce commissioning time.

    Since we not only develop our products and solutions, but also use them ourselves, we know the special requirements that are placed on them. In addition to the technology, we put a strong focus on user-friendliness.

    We are experts who work on an interdisciplinary basis. We have been established in the industry for several decades. Of course, we do not know all of the special cases, but we know how to handle special cases – that’s what our software is designed for.

    Looking for ..

    digifai is looking forward to new contacts, customers, companies and partners who want to make their daily processes easier, more transparent and more effective with digital solutions. Our solutions are multilingual and can be used worldwide. We offer our services around the clock, physically and remotely.

    Typical areas of applications for digifai are:
    • Virtual commissioning on a digital twin
    • Physic based simulation of machines
    • Process data acquisition
    • Process optimization
    • IIoT

    Typical industries for digifai are:
    • Industrial companies
    • Manufacturing industry
    • Plant and infrastructure operators
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Automation technology

    Products, Services

    control connects, visualizes, notifies, analyzes and orchestrates process data independently from any location. You already have the source data – control shows you the relevant correlations.
    • Industrial IoT Platform
    • Acquisition, display and evaluation of machine key figures
    • Clear, intuitive and ready to use

    Smart Networking via Secure Web Technology

    As an industrial IoT platform (IIoT), control seamlessly connects a wide variety of data sources from the production level to all company functions via the cloud. Centralized data management facilitates information sharing and provides full transparency in the process. The acquired data enhances the continuous improvement process, makes procedures traceable and enables smart process linking.

    Effective Monitoring of Machine and Operating Data

    control provides effective and modern monitoring via web technology and makes process information available for mobile use. User-friendly and clear administration through dashboards and a favorites function ensure fast information gathering for decisions. Automated notification of limit values, events or alarms guarantees a fast response in case of malfunctions.

    Operating Data, Analysis and Reporting

    control records machine data such as operation and downtime and enables the user to digitally collect production-related information such as quality or job data by entering it at PDA terminals. control provides the data basis for cross-divisional analyses in the process. The continuous trend analysis of process values, triggered by limit values, generates information in advance and detects undesirable developments at an early stage. The data obtained is used to calculate key figures directly from the process, such as capacity utilization and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The summary is made available online in web reports. Data series and evaluations can easily be exported.

    twin creates a digital twin. This allows you to test the controls of your system before the machine is set up. And when your machine is up and running, the twin lives on as a 3D user interface.
    • Feasibility studies before starting automation projects
    • Virtual commissioning in 3D on the digital twin
    • Intuitive 3D HMI for machines in operation

    Development and testing of control software on a digital twin

    With the simulation software twin test all components of your control systems without needing the real machine Mechanical components, actuators and sensors – all digital and in 3D. And the best part? Your control system, no matter if PLC, robot control or guidance system, does not even notice the difference!

    Optimize processes and minimize risk thanks to realistic physics simulation

    Tired of lengthy cycle time optimizations on site? Or of mechanical damage due to a small error in the control software? With twin You can simulate the characteristics of machines and plants in 3D thanks to the latest physics simulation. Material flow, cycle times and collisions – all included.

    From the initial idea to virtual commissioning and beyond

    With the simulation software twin You can conduct feasibility studies of machines in the early stages of your automation project. The simulated machine grows with the project until you virtually commission your controller on it. And then the virtual machine lives on as anintelligent 3D HMI on the real machine.


    We are there for you and provide support. Whether you are looking for advice on our products and solutions, in-depth training or are interested in our services for the digification of your systems.
    Demo Installation

    • Test our solutions in your applications
    Trainings & Free Consulting

    • Get to know the benefits of our products live. Our team of experts shows you what is possible and where the limits are.
    Jumpstart Virtual Commissioning

    • New to the Subject? We support you in creating the necessary simulation models so that you can get started immediately.

    For further informations to our solutions please click HERE

    EMCO GmbH

    Salzburgerstraße 80, 5400 Hallein-Taxach, Austria   

    Mr. Philipp Heindl
    T +43 676 88 891 505
    W www.emco-world.com 

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    The quest for innovation and the development of innovative technologies has always been part of EMCO's philosophy. The chain of evidence is long and begins in 1947. Since then EMCO has shown time and time again that it is possible to use impressive knowledge to make ground-breaking machines. And that is not going to change in the future.

    EMCO, a mechanical engineering company based in Salzburg, ranks among Europe's leading machine tool manufacturers. EMCO currently employs about 800 people at a total of 6 production sites in Austria, Germany, Italy and Russia.
    The international, family-run company owes its success to more than 70 years of expertise and experience in the area of machine tool engineering. Today, EMCO stands for top-of-the-line, customised, automated complete solutions for both turning and milling. From small to XXL machines – we got you covered!

    Looking for ..




    EYYES GmbH

    Im Wirtschaftspark 4, 3494 Gedersdorf, Austria   

    Mr. Hans Pflügl
    T +43 664 88155650
    E hans.pfluegl@eyyes.com

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    We create Artificial Intelligence
    for safety-critical vision, recognition and understanding.

    We are a global technology leader for safety-critical Artificial Intelligence solutions with numerous references in mobility and industrial applications.
    EYYES offers high-tech products based on in-house developed software and hardware solutions with the required approvals and certifications for the automotive, railway, transportation- and manufacturing industries. EYYES is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

    Our products and services enable the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence technology in safety-critical environments. We dramatically improve safety on the road and in factories and increase efficiency by facilitating autonomous mobility and automized manufacturing solutions. We invest heavily to ensure our high level of innovativeness in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and sensor technology. Our products help our clients to operate safer and more efficiently.

    Looking for ..

    We are looking for opportunities to support our clients in optimizing their processes by leveraging our solution "QualityEye", thereby enhancing quality and saving costs.

    QualityEye represents a hardware and software solution which, with the help of AI based image processing, offers new possibilities which were up until now unthinkable on this scale.

    We are involved over the entire project lifecycle from the feasibility study in our in-house lighting laboratory, engineering, production to commissioning at the customer's site.

    The main areas of application for our technology are in camera-based quality control for the inspection of all kinds of surfaces, including transparent parts, in production process monitoring with the use of a wide range of functions, and in the area of mobile and stationary safety applications.

    QualityEye surface inspection

    • Defect detection
    • Defect classification
    • Localized identification of defects
    • Comparative colour and gloss inspection

    QualityEye manufacturing process monitoring

    • Workpiece identification
    • Location / position determination
    • Geometry detection
    • Weld seam detection

    QualityEye Safety Applications

    • Detection of defined objects (e.g. persons)
    • Stationary for monitoring automated production areas to avoid emergency stop
    • Mobile, e.g. on forklifts or cranes to avoid accidents

    GEOS3D Geodetic and Industrial Serveying GmbH

    Niedere Munde Strasse 15d, 6410 Telfs, Austria   

    Mr. Bernhard Rotteneder
    T +43 664 8822 6008

    To request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here 

    We are a provider of industrial measurement services for quality assurance of complex components of all sizes.
    Our measuring and scan systems are used in all areas of small and large manufacturing and installations.
    Our core competence is the measurement of large dimensions, positions and shapes.

    We offer scan systems and services that are applicable on site. The worldwide use is possible, thanks mobile and flexible high-tech measuring devices. Wherever your system or part is located, we measure it there on site.
    Our Surphaser Scanner works with Phase-shift-technology and can be integrated in manufacturing concepts of any parts.
    Our business lines are all areas of large precision manufacturing including proton therapy systems, large hydro assemblies, aerospace assemblies, large telescope assemblies, Tokamak assemblies, e.g. Therefore, we could be a potential supplier.

    Looking for ..

    new contacts that are interested in large high precision 3D metrology and high-density 3D Scans.
    Our products and services are especially interested in quality assurance manager, R&D, production manager,
    and maintenance.

    Business Fields:

    Our business fields are all areas of large precision manufacturing including proton therapy systems, large hydro assemblies, aerospace assemblies, large telescope assemblies, Tokamak assemblies, e.g. Therefore, we could be a potential supplier.

    Products, Services:

    We offer scan systems and services that are applicable on site. The worldwide use is possible thanks mobile and flexible high-tech measuring devices. Wherever your system or part is located, we measure it there on site.
    Based on state-of-the-art technology our Surphaser scanner based on Phase-shift-technology can be integrated in manufacturing concepts of any parts.


    Global player such as Varian Medical Systems, EBZ Automotive (e.g. Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover…), Airbus, VOEST, Bilfinger, ASFINAG, ÖBB and others. See here our use case studies!

    MRT Information Management GmbH

    Lindenweg 4/6, 6263 Fügen, Austria   

    Mr. Patrick Winkler
    T +43 676 843 056 200

    To request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here 

    MRT enables modern digital product development strategies in connecting teams, digitalizing processes and integrating PLM-Systems

    MRT digital plm services enable our customer to digitalize and industrialize product lifecycle processes. We understand digital transformation in strongly coupling four components: methods, team, applications and IT-platforms. In agile cooperation with your IT team and product experts, we create and implement an individual, changeable and sustainable basis for your digital PLM strategies. We offer a portfolio of best practices, methods and tools. Our PLM Care® technology platform opens these possibilities even to SMEs.

    Looking for ..
    • Companies interested in the how to of digital transformation.

    • SERVICE: MRT PLM services range from the plm introduction to the optimization and expansion of existing applications. Our expertise is valued in the automotive, medical devices, aerospace, machinery, mold tools, mechatronics and plant engineering industries. We know how to make your PLM systems fit for digital transformation.

    • SERVICE: MRT digital PLM services have the claim to link data, structures and workflows of the product lifecycle, which are distributed in the most varied of systems, in real time to derive innovations. Agile organizational structures and the use of the latest technologies enable processes to be automated and help to efficiently cope with the growing complexity that goes along with it. Our digital twin, cockpits and integration services promises business benefit in 3-6 month.

    • PRODUCT: plm care® is a development platform that can be integrated into the customer's IT. It contains methods, technologies and PLM systems to design and implement the integration of systems across distributed locations and companies in the sense of process digitization. The plm care® platform takes care for the continuous industrialization of the results. It contains deployment mechanisms for the provision of the implemented applications on distributed customer, edge and cloud platforms and offers monitoring for operations.

    • REFERENCES: We have well known references for our services and products. We can arrange reference visits to our customers.

    NG Green Innovations GmbH

    St. Pöltnerstraße 95, 3204 Kirchberg/Pielach, Austria   

    Mrs. Hanna Gansch
    T +43 676 7543983
    W www.ng-green.com

    To request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here 

    Fräsinator, a snow blower which is used all year round and still saves 60% energy

    The NG Green Innovations GmbH is licence owner and producer of the fräsinator.
    The fräsinator looks like a snow blower which can be used all year round. It can operate any kind of bulk good. Because of its special gear technology, it saves up to 60% of energy while in the same time operates much faster than products that serve the same market. It takes up the bulk good very gentle (therefore also suitable for sensitive bulk goods) and throws them out.
    Snow 50 m3/min
    Wood chips /Silage 15 m3/min
    Corn/Wheet 10 m3/min
    Compost and Sand 10 m3/min

    Looking for ..
    • distributors for our fräsinator in different countries.

      Our business fields are farmers, wage worker/wage earner, maintenance areas, airports and many more the Fräsinator looks similar to a snow blower. But works more efficiently. It can mill the snow away much faster than common snow blowers. Additionally the Fräsinator can be used all year round for shifting and loading any kind of bulk good as wood chips, silage, compost, soil, corn, crop, sand and many more.

    Rembrandtin Coatings GmbH

    Ignaz-Köck-Straße 15, 1210 Wien, Austria   

    Mr. Davor Sladoje
    T +43 6649663931

    To request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here 

    Rembrandtin stands for tradition, quality and innovative industrial coatings.

    Rembrandtin is a specialist for high-performance industrial coatings like protective coatings, high-temperature
    resistant systems, core plate varnishes or railway coatings. Decades of experience make the company a reliable partner with global approvals from market leaders in the general industry and the automotive sector. Rembrandtin exports more than 70 % of its products. Since 2014, the company is part of HELIOS, which belongs to the top ten companies of the European coatings industry that has been part of the worldwide KANSAI PAINT Group since 2017.

    Looking for ..
    • Since decades Rembrandtin has been a specialized coating producer for niche segments such as core plate varnishes, zinc flake coatings and high heat resistant systems. We occupy global approvals from market leaders in all industries and a leading market position in numerous sectors. Rembrandtin exports more than 70% of its production. Germany, France, Sweden, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Bulgaria are our core markets. But we also supply  India, China, the USA, Japan and Brazil. As member of HELIOS and part of KANSAI PAINT, Rembrandtin belongs to a worldwide leading coatings group and benefits from access to a global service and know-how network, especially in the field of research and development.

      The mechanical engineering sector is one of our focus fields. We are therefore looking for new long-term business relationships and cooperations to boost the research of new coating technologies. In our state-of-the art laboratories we develop the special product properties to meet the requirements of the customers and the steadily rising demands of the industry – with special regard to the environment and environmentally compatible coating systems with functions. Modern technologies, such as ultra-high-solid coatings, waterbased materials or monolayers take a growing part in our production.

      Rembrandtin focuses on high-tech coatings technology and innovation in order to contribute to the success of our customers. We work in close cooperation with our customers and provide full service and know-how in every phase – from the collection of the right coating system, to the testing and regular technical support directly on site, thanks to our international representatives

      We give great importance to share our know-how. In the course of "HELIOS Master Classes", a platform for learning and networking, we provide a set of unique, high-level webinars, our renowned IKI Symposiums, and courses in our training centers in whole Europe.

    • Weitere Informationen zur Helios-Gruppe finden Sie HIER

    SLOC GmbH

    Waltendorfer Gürtel 2, 8010 Graz, Austria   

    Mr. Christoph Kohlbacher
    T +43 664 1574047
    E christoph.kohlbacher@sloc.one

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    Our mission is providing information that serves the purpose of digitalization and process optimization, thereby saving customers time and money. We try to achieve our mission with high-tech IoT Devices, through intelligent combination of sensor technology connectivity and energy efficiency with unique on-board intelligence, provide the required information (platform independent). Components individually adaptable for each use case.

    SLOC is the new and innovative technology for your Industry 4.0 and Industrial-IoT projects. Our smart devices combine sensor technology, connectivity and energy efficiency with unique onboard algorithms and provide the desired information as a service directly to your IT-system. Thereby SLOC supports you optimally in process optimization, automation and maximization of your productivity.

    Looking for ..

    • Business fields
    • Products, Services
    • References

    TTTech Industrial Automation AG

    Schönbrunner Strasse 7, 1040 Wien, Austria   

    Mrs. Elisabeth Meisel
    T +43 6768493724770

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    TTTech Industrial aspires to unlock the incredible potential of industrial automation

    TTTech Industrial develops innovative computing and connectivity solutions that help customers to modernize automation systems and become IoT leaders in their field. TTTech Industrial integrates open, standard technologies to offer flexible platforms for connecting, controlling and managing machines. TTTech Industrial builds on its experience in real-time and safety systems to deliver software and hardware products suited for the most demanding industrial applications.

    TTTech Industrial operates under the umbrella of the TTTech Group, a technology leader in real-time networking and safety controls, with cross-industry experience from more than 20 years of operation. The company is based in Vienna, Austria - ideally situated in Europe’s manufacturing heartland.

    Looking for ..
    • TTTech Industrial is looking to partner with innovative machine builders and factory operators across Europe. We have solutions for machine connectivity and edge computing that enable you to:

      -  Easily manage software on assets all over the globe. Software located on any
          of your plants or machines can be patched, updated, rolled out, monitored
          and logged from wherever you are
      -  Remotely connect to software and devices at the edge. Create virtual
          connections to check status or view screens of software and connected
      -  Efficiently collect, store and analyze machine data at source. Data can be
         accessed in real-time, standardized, normalized and pre-processed
         at the edge, before being send to Azure via IoT hub for big data processing

      Nerve is an industrial edge computing platform that delivers flexibility and openness. Nerve products provide a software infrastructure for the plant floor and the cloud that enables users to access data, manage devices and deploy applications remotely.

      Slate is a deterministic networking platform that provides a comprehensive OPC UA over TSN solution. Slate products include IP solutions and network configuration software that enable users to quickly integrate TSN features into components, and easily build OPC UA over TSN networks.

      Flexibilis is a redundant networking product portfolio that offers precision and reliability. Flexibilis products include FPGA IP cores and software that deliver high-availability seamless redundancy for a wide range of industrial applications, most notably in the energy industry.

      TTTech Industrial Automation AG is taking part in the AI4DI (Artificial Intelligence for Digitizing Industry) project (https://www.ai4di.eu/). Together with AVL, Graz Technical University and Brno Technical University, we are developing an innovative edge-based framework with integrated Machine Learning and AI logic reasoning paradigms for real-time predictive maintenance for machines. AI4DI has received funding within the Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU) in collaboration with the European Union's H2020 Framework Programme and National Authorities, under grant agreement n° 826060.


    Modecenter Strasse 22, Top C69-C71, 1030 Wien, Austria   

    Mr. Zeljko Bobar
    T +43 664 54 50 349

    To request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here 

    Electric power forms one of the foundations of modern society and is an essential element for ensuring well-being progress and culture. Our objective is the safe and efficient distribution and use of energy throughout the world. Consequently, we are actively engaged in research and development to attain this objective. Our employees develop pioneering solutions for the electrical engineering market, and continuously work toward optimizing existing products to meet new requirements and therefore to create optimum conditions for power distribution in the future.

    Wöhner`s success story started back in 1929 with the development of the first products at the domestic kitchen table. Founded by Alfred Wöhner, the company is being guided into the future by the 3rd generation of the family. A specialist, Wöhner supplies standardized system solutions and appropriate components for the safe distribution of electric power. The global company has 11 subsidiaries and is represented by agencies in 80 countries around the globe. The focus lies in the areas of distribution of electric power, control technology and renewable energy.

    We at Wöhner develop solutions for all important markets in the fields of electrical engineering. In the process, we take the respective relevant requirements in various countries and regions into consideration.

    Power Distribution:
    Electric Power brings buildings to life. The distribution of electric power places complex demands on the technology used, especially in large buildings.

    Control Technology:
    Control technology dominates our world. Without it we would have no machines manufacturing, no systems producing or transporting and no lifts working.

    Renewable Energy:
    Systems for renewable energy, such as wind power or photovoltaics that are being built as part of the energy revolution place new demands on the electrical engineering equipment.

    Over 100 registered patents demonstrate our creative spirit, our design resourcefulness and our innovative force. The patents are distributed among 60 patent families which are valid in an identical or similar way in Europe, the USA and China. Where in the past, the focus of the patents was in the area of electromechanics, today more and more innovations in electronics are being added.

    System for power distribution or control technology in machine building and plant engineering can be realized with different basic technologies.
    Wöhner supplies products and components for such system – regardless of the technology on which they are based.

    - Panel components
    - The busbar principle
      o 185 Power
      o 60 Classic
      o 30 Compact
    - Crossboard Technology

    For further informations to our products please visit our website https://www.woehner.de/en/

    Thank you in advance for your time and I hope that we can establish a constructive and interesting discussion, I am looking forward for your feedback.

    Looking for ..

    new customers and distributors in the energetical sector which might be interested to establish a long-term corporation, as example EPC contracting companies, Panel Builders, Electrical installers, Machine Builders, Building manufacturers, Design and or Plant Engineers. As well we are interested in establishing a sales representative network throughout the world with distributors, integrators, whole-salers – means everybody who is handling within the power environment. The focus lies in the are of distribution of electrical power, control technology and renewable energy. Our references are established all over and are well known inside the power environment within BL partnerships or direct WÖHNER references.


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